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About Covid-19 & your booking

Just so you feel informed about your booking with The Moat House here's some information that will hopefully both inform you and put you at ease..

Current regulations

Since the 14th Sept 2020 a new law has been put in place by the Scottish government which states that no more than 6 adults (defined as anyone aged 13 years or older) from 2 different families can meet together. Children of 12 years old or younger of either or both families are exempt and do not count towards the 6 person maximum. As The Moat House is situated in Scotland the laws of Scotland apply - therefore if you are intending to travel to Scotland from another region where the rules regarding maximum numbers for meeting up may be different it is the Scottish laws which apply whilst in Scotland. Until the laws are relaxed you should consider the current legislation before making a booking. If you already have a reservation for the near future that would no longer comply with the laws in place at the time please contact us to discuss options for postponement or cancellation.


If your reservation is affected by a Covid-19 related local or national regulatory discontinuance issued by the government or local authority we will commit to rearranging your reservation to another time or refunding you.​



Our changeover crew are fully up to speed  with the government and the scientific community with regards a cleaning regime to ensure the limitation of any cross-contamination. In fact, as well as thoroughly airing, cleaning and disinfecting all commonly touched areas, we've put in place technology that ensures that all surfaces of all rooms (even inside cupboards, the keys and the outside of the front door) are decontaminated at the changeover so you can feel safe that we're doing everything we can to make your stay as relaxed as possible.

In addition to the above we're also:

  • Ensuring that our staff will carry out their duties wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect both them and you the guests

  • Having all bedding and towels  professionally washed and sterilised to NHS standards

  • Disposing appropriately of any foodstuffs or other items left by any previous guests

  • Providing guests with antibacterial/antiviral cleaning materials for use during their stay

  • We've also removed all non easily cleanable soft furnishings, games, DVDs, books, toys etc.

You'll receive full details of our systems and procedures after booking and prior to arrival. 

Further information:

For more information please feel free to contact us here:

0800 024 8641

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